Friday, October 09, 2015

Sometimes, It's O.K.

I'm talking about mansionization in Los Angeles.  SOMETIMES, a McMansion is preferable to a really bad remodel. There have been many homes torn down all over the city in order to build larger homes. These larger homes are usually multiple story and built out to the edges of each lot. Most of the older homes in my area of Los Angeles, built between 1925 and 1935, have driveways on the side of each house that lead to a garage in back. These new homes have the driveway and garage in front of the house, thereby giving at least 10-14 feet more building width for a new home.
Large modern homes, in progress in Los Angeles (above and below). The older homes in the neighborhood are dwarfed by the new homes. 

I drive down South Genessee Avenue five days a week on my way to work. I've noticed a house for sale on this large lot. This house has been severely remodeled over the past 75 years. Rocky Mountain stone was added to the front exterior, probably during the 1960s. There was a huge 2-story addition to the rear of the house added later. This addition is out of scale to the front of the house and really looks tacked on.
1547 South Genessee Ave., Los Angeles

Yikes! This is one BAAAAD remodel!

Which City Inspector approved this remodel?

The other day I noticed a "for sale" sign on this house.  Good!  Tear it down and build a big, modern, well-designed monolith here!  It will be an improvement (IMHO)!

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At 2:34 PM PDT, Blogger jamie jamison said...

Most are awful. The latest McMansion on my street has been nicknamed 'the death star' - for it's charming design.

At 2:35 PM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Hahahaha! "Death Star." That's a good one, Jamie!


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