Tuesday, October 13, 2015

We Are The Ellen Underhills

We Are The Ellen Underhills

Thanks to KXLU-FM punk-rock d.j., Stella snapping and posting my photo at a recent party, I have met the OTHER Ellen Underhill. True, we both use our maiden names more often (I am Ellen Bloom, she is Ellen Rooney), but we both married guys named Underhill. We found out that Larry and Tom Underhill are very distant cousins.  There are a lot of Underhills. They formed the Underhill Society of America in 1892 to research the genealogy of the Underhills, particularly the descendants of Captain John Underhill. That's a whole 'nother blog post!

Larry and Tom Underhill

For the past month or so, Ellen Rooney Underhill and I have been connected through Facebook and monitoring each other's lives. We really do have a lot in common besides being married to Underhills that are professional photographers. We're both involved in music. We live in similar style homes. We're both native Southern Californians.

The Mighty Burnt Bacon, Ellen Rooney Underhill, Solo in the Spotlight

Ellen let me know that her band, The Mighty Burnt Bacon would be performing at The Trip in Santa Monica this past Saturday. Would Larry and I like to see the band and hang out a bit? Of course we would! We met the Underhills in front of the club about an hour before the set. It was great getting to know them. We compared family notes. Tom Underhill showed us a photo of his older brother, Victor (sadly deceased a few years back), and there is definitely an Underhill family resemblance!
I see an Underhill family resemblance. Top Row, Larry's Dad. Bottom Row: Tom's Brother and Larry

The Mighty Burnt Bacon is a soul band. At The Trip on Saturday night, there were 12 band members on stage!  Wow! It's always nice to hear a horn section with a rock 'n roll band. We stayed for one set. Ellen is a singer with the band. She did a great job and we had a fun night. We plan to get together with the OTHER Underhills again!
Ellen, Tom, Ellen, Larry Underhill

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