Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Witchy Woman

The Poison Apple Scene from Disney's "Snow White"

I have THREE Halloween parties to attend this year. The first one is for the West Hollywood Stitch 'n Bitch yarny party. This year's theme for the Stitch 'n Witch Spooktacular is "Monster Mash-Up." This means our costumes will be a mash-up or mixture / fusion of disparate elements.  For example:  Horror + Classic Literature = Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. Another one, Horror + History = Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter. As our cruise director, Ms. Natalie of Hollywood explains, "this category is wide open for creative interpretation. Use songs, nursery rhymes, literature, history, movies, television, pop culture or whatever inspires you to make the most mashed-up costume ever!"  My costume is under wraps until the big reveal on Thursday, October 29th. Join in the fun at the Original Farmers Market, 7-9 pm, upstairs dining area.
My other two parties are at private homes.  I'm going classic Halloween for these two. One is a Disney-themed party. I've decided to be Snow White's Evil Witch...not the Glamorous one, but the comfortably-cloaked ugly witch!
Snow and the Witch
My witch costume may be a bit of a mash-up too. I'm not going for the ugly nose and chin of Snow White's Witch. I like the hat and green make-up of Margaret Hamilton's Wicked Witch character from the movie, "Wizard of Oz" better than Snow's pasty witch. I've also crocheted some poison apples as props.
Margaret Hamilton as the Wicked Witch Witch of the West
My witch costume will work perfectly for the final party, actually on Halloween. I'll be at the Witch's House in Beverly Hills handing out candy to the 5,000 kids on the sidewalk!  When I was a kid our parents would drive us over to this very same historical home to trick or treat. The lady of the house always dressed up like a witch and handed out candy. I feel this is an appropriate costume and homage for the venue. Photographs will be taken.
Poison Crocheted Apple

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