Monday, January 30, 2017

Ice Cream Helps

While many of our friends were picketing the current presidential executive order at the Tom Bradley Terminal at the Los Angeles International Airport, Larry and I decided we should drown our sorrows and rage in ice cream. No, it's not a solution, but temporarily, it eased our pain.
However, there is still much rage going on about the Gilmore Company's decision to force out Gill's Ice Cream stand at the Original Farmers Market.  Here's the story, click on the image below to enlarge:
The Sad Story
Histotainer, Charles Phoenix called for a gathering yesterday to honor Gill's Ice Cream and their 80 years of existence at The Market. We met with many friends, old and new and enjoyed a scoop. Charles requested that attendees dress in ice-cream attire!
Brooke, Charles and Ellen
I'll miss all of the vintage signage

Chris and Charlene Nichols
BEST DRESSED: Greg Escalante and Charles Phoenix
Another ice-cream stand will be replacing Gill's. I plan on going to Bennett's, at the east end of The Market, for my ice-cream from now on.
Jody Gill, granddaughter of the original Owner
Ellen and Marilyn
Charles Phoenix, commiserating with his fans about the demise of Gill's
To view MORE PICTURES at Gill's yesterday, click HERE.

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