Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Singin' in the Rain

Flooded intersection in the V-v-v-valley!

It was POURING rain on Sunday, but I was determined to make it over the hill to attend a ukulele workshop at Susanna's house conducted by Jim and Liz Beloff.
Jim and Liz, along with others, have written TONS of ukulele song books as well as instructional books, videos and CDs. Almost every ukulele class and group that I know of in the United States uses their "Daily Ukulele" and "Daily Ukulele, Leap Year Edition" as reference in their classes. 
There were probably about 15 students in attendance. Suzanna has a nice big room toward the back of her house that's like a "sun" room. Yesterday it was the rain-view room. We played our ukes as we looked outside at the puddles forming in the backyard. It was appropriate that we were singin' in the rain in Burbank, Debbie Reynolds' home town!
Jim and Liz Beloff perform for our class
Jim brought a packet of music to give to each student. There were about 10 songs, each building on the next in terms of technique and difficulty. As we ran through the songs, Jim gave us tips and tricks for performing each song to delight an audience. I learned quite a bit! I'm almost ready to book that solo gig! (Not).

It was nice meeting some ukesters new to me and also running into a few old acquaintances. All in all, I'm glad I braved the rain storm!

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