Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Too Much Fun!

Darcy, photobombing all of those presents!

Oh my! We did have ourselves a time this past Saturday night! It was our annual KnitGrrlz Holiday Party...a few weeks late! We've been celebrating together at least 10 years. The party has gotten progressively grander. We bring food to share, trade presents and have so many laughs! Thank you Natalie, Darcy, Mary Jo, Brit and Alyson for making our party a hit! Thanks too to our gentlemen friends, Larry and Joe. They add a bit of handsomeness and laughter to our party!
We started out with appetizers, supplied by Natalie, Darcy and Mary Jo. What a spread!

Next up, even though Chanukah was over last week, we recited the blessing over the candles.

DINNER!  We had a classic Chanukah dinner menu: Brisket, potato pancakes with applesauce and sour cream, butternut squash casserole and chopped salad.
Joe, Natalie, Brit, Larry, Darcy, Mary Jo and Alyson
Then the present swapping began!  Oy! We really went crazy with the gifts this year. There were squeals of delight and Larry took some wonderful photos!
The Chocolate Whisperer, Cossack Darcy
Brit's new Hoodie-Headrest Pillow WITH ear-bud pockets!
Brit is jealous of Alyson's pink scarf
Mary Jo models Darcy's artistic gift assemblage
I knit Pussy Hats for everyone! #pussyhatproject
We neglected to take a photo of the yummy pie that Alyson baked, because we devoured it after expending so much energy opening our gifts!  
Thank you to all of my sweet friends for contributing to our fun extravaganza!  See more photos by clicking HERE.

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