Thursday, February 16, 2017

Caribbean Pineapples

"Caribbean Pineapples"

My WeHo SnB Valentine Swap Partner this year was Brenda B. Brenda likes to wear cotton. I found some lovely Samoa cotton in a beautiful coral color in my stash. I also found a couple of skeins of orange, very close to the coral color. I decided to use both of them to create "Caribbean Pineapples" for Brenda!
The trim is orange and most of the body of the scarf is coral, except for the center section
Crochet Pineapples Chart

I do love the basic crocheted pineapple. It's airy and makes a very pretty lace. I used a size G, 4.5mm crochet hook for this very long scarf.
The edge lace is from Doris Chan's "All Shawl," a favorite trim that I use often
Brenda, modeling "Caribbean Pineapples"
Brenda looks FAB in this new scarf / cowl! I hope she wears it a lot this spring and summer! 
I received a beautiful scarf in shades of blues and greens from Sara N. I LOVE my new scarf, but that's another blog post!
Ellen (wearing Sara's Scarf); Brenda (wearing Ellen's Scarf)
Super Swap 2017 - Valentine's Day with the WeHo SnB

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