Friday, February 03, 2017

Public Service Announcement - Rain

1964. Photo by Larry Leach. Valley Times Collection. Hollywood Freeway through the
Cahuenga Pass in the Rain

Driving in the rain in Los Angeles can be treacherous. We've had a series of rainstorms in L.A. during the last few weeks. Most of the year our streets are dry. Driving on rain-slicked streets filled with months of oil collected from passing vehicles makes for a lethal gumbo!
Click HERE for a few tips from AAA to remember about driving in the rain in Los Angeles.
1972. Photo by Tom LaBonge. LAPL Collection. Fairfax and 3rd St., Los Angeles
1962. Photo by Gordon Dean, Valley Times, Collection, Victory & Laurel Canyon, North Hollywood
I've been taking the L.A. Metro train to work this week. Yes, I did get a bit drenched on my walk from the train to my office, but at least I avoided slippin' and slidin' on the freeway! Safe travels this weekend, my friends!

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