Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Century City, 1969

Reprise of a blog-post from 2010.  Century City, Los Angeles...the early years!

Ellen, in the Century City Fountain on Avenue of the Stars,
Century City Apartments on Olympic Blvd. in background, 1969

I came across a few photos that I took, along with my good friend, Barbara, in Century City in 1969. They were what we called "art" shots. Century City was a relatively new place, built on the former back-lot of 20th Century-Fox Studios. There were sculptural buildings, exotic fountains and lots of concrete!

New Construction, Century City, 1969, near Santa Monica Blvd.
Barbara, Century City, 1969
Century Plaza Hotel in Background

Ellen, Century City, 1969Another fountain, Century City, Avenue of the Stars, 1969

Barbara, on the low-slung, curved roof of the Century House Restaurant,
Century City, 1969
I've been looking for an architectural photo of the Century House Restaurant. It was such an unusual building, with a roof-line reaching almost down to the ground. I can't find any record of it. It is heavily chronicled in the movie, "A Guide for the Married Man" in 1967 and "Caprice" with Doris Day, 1967. 

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At 2:35 AM PST, Blogger Lizzy Tex Borden said...

I remember seeing "Conquest of the Planet of the Apes" (1972) at the Olympic Drive-In one night. My friends and I said, "Hey, that's Century City..." After the movie we drove over there and walked around all the locations.

That's what your pictures remind me of.

At 6:30 AM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Thanks for the comment, Lizzie. Yes, Century City was the city of the future!

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