Friday, February 24, 2017

Vintage Photo Friday

I was quite a tennis player when I was young. My Mom played tennis, so her children were required to learn to play too. My brother, Ken lasted about a minute. He was too involved in his music to make time for tennis. He was a pretty good player though.  His one problem was that his eyesight wasn't too great.  Due to his long arms, height and being fairly quick on his feet, he was great at the net.
I, on the other hand, took to the game and played it through my 40s. I took lessons all the time at the local parks, Roxbury, Rancho, La Cienega. For awhile, before Dad got interested in boating, we belonged to the Racquet Club on Motor Avenue in Cheviot Hills. I do believe this club has been renamed and remodeled once again. This is where my parents met many life-long friends.  We also had tennis friends who belonged to Brentwood Country Club and I remember taking a series of lessons there with children of Mom's friends.
Here we are in 1964 on the tennis courts at Brentwood CC.
Carol Heineman, Ellen Bloom, Beany (Paul) Friedman, Larry Heineman and Mike Friedman. Check out our wooden racquets and those snazzy plaid racquet covers!
I saw Beany (Paul) Friedman recently at my Uncle's memorial service. Paul's mother, Inge and my Aunt Frances were great friends. My Mom played tennis with Inge. Carol and Larry Heineman's mother, Anne was also a frequent tennis partner of my Mom's.
I was sad to read in December that Larry Heineman had passed away. Cancer. So many of my friends, acquaintances and others from my generation are leaving us early. I know it's morbid that I read the LA Times Obituaries every day, but I like to stay informed. We were lucky to live such a charmed childhood. In these troubled times, I find myself looking back in fondness.
I can smell the fragrant eucalyptus trees now that surround Brentwood Country Club's tennis courts!

I guess what I'm really trying to say is, stop and smell the eucalyptus trees while you still have the time!

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At 5:12 AM PST, Blogger ken bloom said...

Good advice, Ell. I hear about someone almost every day that I used to know and is now gone. I'm glad every day for all that we have and that I have so much work to keep me at it. Having a positive focus in times like these is very important. I was a lousy tennis player. I had the body but between my eysight and poor co-ordination I never really got it. Nice memories though!


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