Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Bench and Table in our Little Breakfast Nook

Larry and I were lucky to pick up a beautiful Spanish Revival Monterey tiled table and bench from my Aunt's and Uncle's house last weekend. Frances and Mort have both passed and their daughters (my cousins), Amie, Barbara and Carol are going through the house and sorting things out. Naturally, each of my cousins put aside things that they wanted from their parents' home. There will be an estate sale at some point, before the home is sold.
Table, Close-up of tile
Bench, Close-up of tile

I've always admired this table and bench. It's Classic California style. Many of the furniture pieces in their home were inherited from Frances' mother. This table and bench were probably owned by her. I feel very fortunate that my cousins offered the table and bench to us. After a bit of cleaning and restoration, it will look great in our little breakfast nook of our 1926 Spanish Revival Bungalow. This type of furniture was often seen in houses from this era.
I wish there was another bench for the other side of the table!  HOWEVER, I think I have a temporary solution until we run across a similar tiled bench. We have two mahogany chairs that once belonged to MY parents and are about the same color wood finish as the table and bench. Right now they're sitting in our dining room as side chairs. All I have to do is recover their existing cushions and I'll be able to use them alongside the Monterey furniture. 
Spoonflower Fabric has a few excellent fabric selections that resemble this sort of Spanish tile. Here are a few options:
This one looks almost perfect!
I LOVE this one, but it may be too busy!
I plan on visiting our local fabric stores soon to see what I can find in person, before I order online. Time to dust off the sewing machine! Thanks again, A,B,C for the wonderful remembrance of our fun times at Frances' and Mort's parties over the years!
Cousin Amie at the Playa del Rey house

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