Tuesday, May 16, 2017

iHeart Hearts

We always need more heart in this world! I know it's corny and cliche', but I really like things with hearts on them. I like to wear a little heart around my neck almost every day. When I turned 18 my boyfriend at the time gave me a small, diamond-ringed heart on a slender chain. I still have that heart and wear it once in awhile. I forgot to photograph it this morning, but here are some of the hearts that I wear currently:

When the cartoon, "Cathy" started showing up in my daily newspaper in 1976 (written by Cathy Guisewhite), I immediately identified with the character. Cathy always wore a shirt with a heart on it.  I wanted to be just like Cathy.
"Cathy" by Cathy Guisewhite

My heart obsession has carried over to my crochet and knit projects. I've made dishcloths, potholders, hats, doilies, hats and more with hearts on them.
Heart Dishcloth
Baby Fez with Heart
Fair Isle Hearts
Heart Doily
I've recently added to my jewelry heart collection with a lovely 3-D heart pendant, designed by my Ravelry and Instagram friend, Betty. Betty is very talented. She knits, sews and designs jewelry. I love my new polished nickel 3-D heart!
My new 3-D Heart Pendant

The ULTIMATE knit heart design, for me, is the "May You Find Peace In Your Heart" design by Susan Mrenna. One of these days I will knit this into a sweater.
"May You Find Peace In Your Heart" knit chart by Susan Mrenna

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At 4:54 PM PDT, Blogger betty said...

The pendant came out great!
Thanks for posting it and I know you'll wear it in style!

At 4:55 PM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

I really like it, Betty! The nickel works with my silver chain beautifully!


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