Thursday, May 25, 2017


This past Sunday, Shayne and I visited the Tinkertown Museum and grounds in the Sandia Mountains, New Mexico. I'd heard about this place and wanted to see it in person. Wow! Ross Ward, the creator of Tinkertown, starting carving figures for the various miniature vignettes in 1962. He continued his folk art passion until his premature death in 2002. Ward's family maintains and adds to the musem.
Most of the exhibits are housed in these ramshackle buildings, resembling an old western town
Not only are there carved vignettes of old western towns (some of them are animated), circuses and such, there is a collection of western memorabilia, antiques and Americana in the winding hallways of this rambling museum.
Photographs really do not do this place justice. You must visit to see the work that went into this interesting folk art environment!

The Circus with animated features
Tiny carved men working on a tiny carved building! I have a feeling that this place will never be finished!

Detail of tiny carved horses
Click on photos to embiggen
Outdoors there is a wall made of bottles, a large yacht, a decorated art car and more. 
Decorated Art Jeep
Bottle Wall

Thanks for driving us out to the Sandia Mountains to see this cultural landmark, Shayne!

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At 1:10 PM PDT, Blogger Leah said...

Thanks for the info. I'm going in October for a balloon ride in the Albuquerque balloon festival and am looking for interesting things to do in NM.


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