Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Happy Birthday Mom!

Wow! My Mom is 95 years old today! She is a miracle of modern science, OR she has really good genes. Mom is celebrating today with fancy meals. She's having lunch with her OLDER sister, Mae (99-1/2) at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. I'm sure it will be lovely. Later, this evening Larry and I are taking Roz for a nostalgic dinner at Chez Jay in Santa Monica.
Roz and Ellen, 2014, Hollywood
Mom walks quite a bit. She used to play tennis. Exercise, along with playing bridge many times a week and little or no stress has added to her longevity, I'm sure. She also has a fairly sunny outlook on life.
Sisters, Celia, Roz and Mae. 1986

Roz and her sisters were all born in Los Angeles. Sadly, her younger sister, Celia passed away a few years ago. The "girls" always used to celebrate their birthdays together. Roz and Mae are carrying on that tradition.
Mae, Roz, Celia and their Mother, Freda. Venice Beach, 1935
My Auntie Mae tells me that Roz was a daredevil in her youth. Above, pictured at Venice Beach, 1935. Their Grandma Temi had a house on Brooks Avenue and the family visited every Sunday. Roz would swim WAY out into the ocean until no one on shore could see her. Roz also would jump from the highest diving board at the Venice Plunge. She doesn't take chances like that anymore! 
The Venice Plunge (demolished)
Mom was a student at UCLA. Below is a photo of her, taken by my Uncle Hi to send to his brother, George while he was in the Army. Roz and George were dating at the be married a couple of years later, during WW II (1943).
Roz at UCLA, 1941
Needless to say, Roz has led a charmed life. She and my Dad traveled extensively all over the world during their 61 year marriage. Just before my Dad passed away in 2004, the four of us (Roz, George, Ellen and Larry) visited Kartchner Caverns in Arizona for George's 85th birthday.  It was a wonderful trip for all of us.
Roz and George. Avalon, Catalina, 1976
We will continue our celebrations, Mom! Happy 95th birthday. Let's do it again next year!

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A lovely woman... Happy Birthday to your mom!


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