Tuesday, August 15, 2017

4th Annual Granny Square Day!

Today is Annual Granny Square Day. Search #grannysquareday2017 to see the virtual granny square blanket on your Instagram feed! 

Some people do not know how to read instructions! They are ruining the virtual blanket! I read the instructions and complied. I'm all about right versus wrong. The instructions for Granny Square Day 2017 say: "Post a cropped photo of a SINGLE granny square (a 4-round granny square looks the best) to #grannysquareday2017 on August 15.  You can make more than one post but only feature a SINGLE square in each post. NO works in progress shots or pictures of blankets, please. You don't have to be the maker of the square...take a close-up photo of your grandmother's crochet! If you cannot crochet, go ahead and take a close-up of a knitted square."
The instructions seem quite clear to me, so how come people are posting photos like these?

Three of my squares are in the collage below. The others are from the beautiful Instagram feed.
The Virtual Granny Square Blanket should look like this on your Instagram feed!
People from all over the world are posting squares. One square is more beautiful than the next! This makes me want to scrap all of my current yarn projects and start crocheting a granny square blanket because I really need more granny blankets. NOT!
Stack o' Granny Blankies at Ellen's House
Granny squares are not only for blankets. I've said it before and I'll say it again, "Granny Squares are the Building Blocks to Fashion."  Just check this link for verification!

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