Thursday, August 10, 2017

Art Exhibit - Chicago

One of my blankets is in the exhibit! Top, left corner!

Whoa! I'm so excited! I saw one of my Welcome Blankets in a photo that Kelly posted in the Welcome Blanket Group on Ravelry! Thanks, Kelly of Chicago for taking photos of the exhibit at the Smart Museum of Art at the University of Chicago!
Welcome Blanket Display at Smart Museum of Art, Chicago

If you don't see your blanket in any of these photos, this is what Kelly posted, "If you don’t see your blanket yet, don’t fret. Each blanket that comes in has to be fully cataloged: numbered and measured, with the full notes transcribed. Then every blanket goes in the freezer for six days. There are something like 140 blankets still in the queue, so it may take a while, but everything will get out into the gallery."

This is such a wonderful project. You can read the details here. The organizers pose this question: "The proposed border wall between the United States and Mexico is almost 2000 miles long. Imagine if the massive distance of this wall was re-conceptualized and re-contextualized not to divide, but to include. Instead of wall, a concrete line, to keep people out, what if lines of yarn became 3,500,640 yards of blankets to welcome people in?"

There's still time to send in your blanket for this worthy project. The deadline is September 5th. 

All blanket gallery photos by Kelly Pollock.

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