Thursday, August 24, 2017

Crocheted Afghans and Blankets

I have made my share of afghans. In fact, I didn't realize just how many I've made in the past few years until I looked through my Ravelry projects page! This is not all of the blankets I've made, but here are a few favorites:
Natalie's Victorian Lace Afghan
Baby Edith's Half-Granny Blanket
Monet Grannies
Babette GrannyGhan
Carolina's "Call the Midwife" Baby Blanket
Mike's and Ellie's Wedding Afghan
Amie's Roses
Mom's WillowGhan
Ellen's #WelcomeBlanket

Even after crocheting ALL of the afghans above, I still want to make more! I often think about WHY I like to crochet and knit so much. I came up with these answers:
1.  My projects have a beginning and an ending (usually). There is a sense of accomplishment when I finish a project. It might take weeks, months, even years, but once I'm done I can admire my work and feel good about myself.
2.  Crocheting is meditative. There is a rhythm to crochet. The yarn slips through my fingers and I can actually see progress. Sometimes, if I'm making something for a particular person, I think about that person with every stitch.
3.  Creating something from my own mind. Yes, I follow patterns, but more often than not I'll start with a pattern and improvise the rest of a piece. Everything fires my creativity.
4.  Sense of Style. I may not be able to find that exact color of raspberry for a new cardigan. I can make it myself! What if I want a ruffled scarf in a crazy combination of colors? I can make it myself and no one else on earth will have it.
5.  Making things for others. Whether or not I'm crocheting a gift item for a friend or family member OR crocheting an item to donate for charity, I put a bit of myself into every item. This, to me, is satisfying.
6.  Finally, an afghan has no shaping! It's easy to make. There is no decreasing, increasing unless it's part of a pattern stitch. This adds to the meditative part of crocheting. I tend to choose simple patterns where colors are more important than the actual stitching.
Brit's NordiGhan

Since I've been involved with the Welcome Blanket Project (#welcomeblanket), I've come across other's afghan designs that have captivated me. I want to make a few of these:
"Faded Love" Afghan. I've actually started this afghan. Must continue!
"Modern Rose Afghan." I love how this looks like an old chenille bedspread!
Saw this on Pinterest. Triangles!

The other day my friend, Gale wrote a fascinating guest blog on the Mason-Dixon site. It was all about visiting her neighborhood of New Haven, Connecticut. She posted a beautiful Josef Albers painting that I want to translate into an afghan pattern! Thanks for the inspiration, Gale!
Painting by Josef Albers. Photo by Gale Zucker. Let's turn this into an afghan!

There are hundreds and hundreds of more patterns that I want to crochet. One day, I will get to all of them!

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