Friday, August 18, 2017

Sew Simple

"Protest is Patriotic" Scarf. This is Stitchylinda's version called 'Patriotic Pride," including the rainbow stripes

During these trying times in our country I've been focusing inward. I'm doing what I can in my own way by crocheting blankets for immigrants coming to our country #welcomeblanket. I make things for donations to hospitals for people suffering from illness. I support my friends in their efforts for change in this country. I donate to worthy organizations like the ACLU and Planned Parenthood. I buy locally and try to choose independent businesses for shopping, dining, etc. The only way to heal our country is if we all work together for a common goal and a brighter future.
Instead of supporting the major retailers in our country I've decided to take up sewing again. I used to sew constantly. Often, I'd see a design I liked in the fashion magazines and try to reproduce it for myself using unique fabrics. Now, that I'm of a certain age, I cannot seem to find the simple clothes that I want to wear. I'm not looking for trendy. I'm looking for nice fabric, good construction and fabrics that are comfortable to wear.
Sonya Philip's Pattern

I happened upon 100 Acts of Sewing while I was reading a knitting blog a few weeks ago. Sonya Philip is a knitter who sews and designs clothing. Her patterns are simple and straight-forward. She customizes her designs using offbeat fabrics. I bought the pattern for her tunic and simple pants.

My fabric stash is nowhere as extensive as my yarn stash, but I happened to have a few yards of a nice tapa-like Hawaiian cotton, so I whipped up the tunic. I added a granny square pocket, since granny squares are the building blocks to fashion and it was recently International Granny Square Day. #grannysquareday2017. I cut this tunic on the large size, so next time, I'll trim it down a bit, but I really like it. The pattern was easy to follow and came together quickly. 
Ellen's Tiki Tunic #100actsofsewing

Most of my in-house fabric tends to be of the Hawaiian variety, including some darker toned fabrics. 
Ellen's Stashed Fabric

I have an affinity to Aloha prints. Must be because they represent calm, happy and peaceful times to me. One of my friends is a graphic designer and has many fabric designs on the excellent Spoonflower site. I was browsing Michael's designs yesterday and came upon yet another tiki flower design that I just loved. I messaged Michael to tell him how much I liked his designs. He asked if there was anything special I would like to order. So, I asked him to change up the colors of one of his designs. HE DID IT! I can't wait to get my sample of "Aloha Flowers 5d" for another fab Tiki Tunic!
"Aloha Flowers 5d" by Michael Uhlenkott
This coming weekend I will be thoughtful and kind. I will try to understand others. Then, I will sew, crochet and knit!

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