Thursday, October 05, 2017


Mysterious Math Student with 2017 Washcloths

Procrastiknitting: Knitting that you do for a quick change of pace when you should be working on other larger knit projects. I'm BIG on procrastiknitting (thank you Mason-Dixon ladies for that term). My usual procrastiknitting takes the form of washcloths or quick scarves. I love trying out new pattern stitches on small projects. Completing a small project is so satisfying.
The kids in Ms. Clark's math class covet those washcloths!

Every summer I participate in the Annual Dishcloth Swap on Ravelry. My friend, Eve is the moderator of this group. I usually help with the swap day proceedings. Our friend, Lisa helps too. Lisa's birthday coincides with swap day. Since Lisa LOVES these washcloths, I knit and/or crochet up a few to give her for her birthday. Lisa uses the cloths as whiteboard cleaners for her math classes at Palms Middle School.
So Sweet!
Lisa makes math fun for her classes. Her students are crazy about her. They're always giving her gifts, flowers, candy, etc. Lisa even makes a big deal out of "Pi Day"  with special projects.
Pi Day with Ms. Clark's Math Class
Clean Your Whiteboards!
I wish I'd had a fun and inventive teacher like Ms. Clark for math class when I was junior-high age. Who knows? I might have become an architect or structural engineer!

All photos by Lisa Clark

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