Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Sewing Jag

Sonya Philip's Design. Photo from 100 Acts of Sewing

I'm on a roll. I've been sewing little dresses like crazy. Once I found the perfect dress pattern that can be shortened to tunic length, I went bonkers. I happen to have a nice little stash of fabric that has been sitting in my project room for decades. I'm finally using up some of this lovely cotton. I was also fortunate that one of my old friends sent me a few hunks o' fabric from her stash since she has abandoned sewing for now.
Yes, I know I keep making the same dress over and over. I do the same with crocheted and knitted sweaters, scarves, afghans, shawls and such. Once I happen upon a pattern that works for me, I stick with it. Of course, I always change up the color, texture and accents. If the basic pattern fits, why switch?
My latest tunic is from this beautiful cotton blend fabric with small, appliqued squares of color. This is my best tunic yet. The fabric is soft and drapes beautifully. 

I seem to have plenty of Hawaiian / Tiki designs in my stash, along with a few other cotton prints. Next, I'm going to concentrate on finding some warmer knit blends. Many, many years ago I used to sew tops out of double-knit fabric that resembled chunky yarn. I sewed my own sweaters instead of knitting them! I'll have to search the fabric shops one of these days.
I have less yardage of these prints. I will have to piece them with other fabrics to make a tunic.

Below is another fabric that my friend sent me. The colors are glorious! I think it has a Scandinavian look to it. This fabric is a heavier cotton. I'll have to wash it in conditioner to soften it up.

Scandinavian Look Print
So, that's how I've been spending my Sunday afternoons. Hibernating inside the house and sewing. Glorious!

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At 8:50 AM PDT, Blogger Unknown said...

It's so beautiful! I love the fabric you used, and it looks lovely on you!

At 9:56 AM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Thanks, Laurie!!


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