Wednesday, November 01, 2017

L.A. Eyeworks Sale 2017

The anticipation was killin' me!

Last Friday night Larry and I drove over to L.A. Eyeworks on Smelrose for their annual eyeglass frame sale. Hi, my name is Ellen and I'm a frame-a-holic. Yes, it's true. Colorful and wacky eyeglass frames are a fashion accessory for me. I'll do anything to camouflage my old eyes from the world!
Friday night at dinnertime, during the World Series! A perfect time to shop!

I own so many different frames in various colors. No, this is NOT my frame collection below. These are just some of the frames that were available to buy last weekend!
This year I zeroed in on the silver and light eyeglass frames. I feel that this non-color blends in with my silver hair and gives me a less choppy look. There were many frames in this category to choose from!
LOTS of silver and white choices!
We always see people that we know at the sale. The store is so full of friendly 4-eyed people, that we often make new friends too!
My glasses twin, Ruth!
Ruth and I tend to buy similar eyeglass frames. We've known each other for years. Ruth has excellent taste! Click Here to see us a few years ago, modeling our lovely frames, circa 2013. I must say, that was my favorite frame year. I'm still wearing that pair.
How much more can I blur this photo? We look so ethereal 
I ended up buying ONE pair of frames, top left in the collage above. I shall have the prescription filled soon! Larry also bought one pair...just like all of his other pairs!

Really! Follow L.A. Eyeworks on Facebook so you'll know about their upcoming sales. You will be amazed and delighted!

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