Monday, November 26, 2018


Larry and I are both obsessed with our collections. He collects, records, books, auto parts, printed ephemera, guitars and more. I collect yarn, costume jewelry, Vera scarves, mid-century modern pottery, eyeglass frames, handbags, vintage knitting and crochet magazines and more yarn. When I saw that the L.A. Central Library was having an exhibit called "21 Collections: Every Object Has a Story," I was fascinated!

Here are the titles of various collections:
Paper Airplanes
Photographs of Men in Rows
Gay Bar Matchbooks
Straw Horses
Asphalt Museum
Birds Eggs and Nests
Pencil Collages
Doll Hats
Assemblage Furniture
A bench made from pop-top tabs by Clare Graham

Vintage typewriter from Tom Hanks' collection

Walnut Elephant
Prison Landscape Portraits
Bullfighting Collection
Faded Photographs Of
Candy Wrapper Museum
African American Museum of Miniatures
Envelope Linings
"A Crimson Grail" Music
"Happily Ever After" Stories
Slot Machine Music
Larry, photographing a collection of lit globes!

This exhibit is in the large Getty exhibit room on the second floor. It's always wonderful visiting the Downtown Public Library. In fact, I'm reading Susan Orlean's "The Library Book" right now! It's a beautiful building, chock full of incredible books and collections.
This exhibit continues through January 27th. Next time you're downtown, be sure to catch it. Who knows? You may already have the makings of a collection at your house worthy of public display!

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