Thursday, December 27, 2018

Between the Holidays

Larry's illuminated Santas

I was so busy pre-Christmas, that I haven't blogged in days! We had a lovely brunch gathering on December 25th. It is my family's tradition to get together on that day, even though we really don't celebrate the holiday. We always enjoy each other's company, the lox and bagels, etc. Yes, there may be gifts too.
This year, my Mom/Roz, Larry, my bestie Rhoda and my two cousins, Janet and Laurie came over for brunch. It was nice having more family this year, since we've been celebrating this day together for most of our lives. None of us received any Barbie doll accessories or clothes, but we did have a nice time.

Roz, Laurie, Ellen, Rhoda, Janet
Rhoda, Janet, Larry, Laurie, Roz
Here we are in 1959 on Christmas Day celebrating together! For some reason, I don't have a photo with the 3 sisters, Mae, Roz and Celia from this gathering, but they were probably in the kitchen, dishing out the lox and bagels! Also, Laurie is missing from the pictures because she was just a baby and probably in her cradle at the time!
Top Row: Carolyn, Grandpa Sam, Janet, Grandma Freda
Bottom Row: Ellen, Marilyn and Ken
Grandpa Sam, Marvin, George, Bob and Ken in front
Larry and I are on vacation this week. So far, we've just been lazing around, playing our ukuleles, reading and watching TV.  We're planning a few field trips in the next few days! Hope you had a grand holiday celebration.

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