Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Ukulele Fun

Ukulele Workshop at the Boulevard Music Holiday Show
L-R: Joe, Marissa, Jim, Debbie, Candace, Ellen, Ron, Deb, Carol, Deb-2, Cali

We had a really good time performing at the Boulevard Music Holiday Show this past Sunday. Our Ukulele Workshop played four songs at the top of the show. There were 11 of us on that tiny stage! Thankfully, Cali's microphone and amplifier were at full force, so if we forgot some chords or lyrics, no one could tell. We kept shifting around on stage. No one wanted to be front and center. Well, alright, I'll stand in the middle! I'm a ham. Most of the photos I've seen from the evening have me with my mouth wide open in song or smiling at the audience. I know I forgot a few chords and some lyrics, but I also know from experience that "you go a mile with a smile!"
It's rather hectic backstage at Boulevard. The staff has to clear out the entire shop full of guitars and other instruments, including the stage. Then, they have to set up all the chairs for the audience. The "backstage" consists of music stands, instrument boxes and a kitchen. It's kind of a mess. We were tuning up, chattering away and basically having a great time. This transferred to our performance onstage. 

As I was roaming around the audience after our performance, a few of the other "professional" performers gave our group compliments. The joy of music transmits!

If you'd like to join our group in January (or anytime. We are an ongoing group), please do so! We can all have a great time making music together!
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