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Recently, my favorite coffee shop/restaurant in L.A., Pann's, refreshed their interior and exterior. The place has been painted, re-upholstered and generally spiffed up. You wouldn't notice it so much unless you're a regular customer. The owner, Jim Poulos, assured us when we visited Sunday that all the changes were brought back to the original colors and design. 

We used to LOVE visiting Pann's for dinner, but for more than a year now, Poulos has only opened the place during breakfast and lunch. I'm hoping the hours change once all of the development at Hollywood Park is completed.  Since we are usually so busy on the weekends, we haven't been able to see the new renovations at Pann's. On Sunday we took Mom for breakfast. Of course, the food was excellent. The place was bustling, but we were able to snag a booth after only a few minutes wait.
New Wall Sconce Light Fixtures. Photo by Larry Underhill

Original Clock (1958). Photo by Larry Underhill

Close-Up, Light Fixture. Photo by Larry Underhill

The most wonderful change for us was seeing the reproduction of the original wall sconces on the west end of the restaurant. The original clock has been there since 1958, but over the years the light fixtures on that wall were changed. Working from memories and the clock design, Poulos hired an artist to reproduce the sconces. He did an excellent job. The sconces are unique and fit in with the clock design.
There are so many other features in this Googie-style restaurant designed by the architectural team of Arm├ęt and Davis that are unique, including the plastic and resin panel in the waiting area depicting the senior Poulos' migration from Greece to Los Angeles, designed by Helen Liu Fong
Resin panel designed by Helen Fong
Congratulations on the update, Jim! Pann's looks great! We hope to return soon.
Mom, enjoying her coffee at Pann's

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