Monday, May 13, 2019

Art Night

Photo by Larry Underhill

On Saturday Larry and I trekked downtown to see a few art shows on Chung King Road, Chinatown. You might know that Larry is a professional photographer. One of his clients, Parris Patton was having a show at the Good Luck Gallery.

We got there early so we could park and have dinner before the art openings. We dined at Foo Chow. It's an old favorite. Many movies have been shot here, including "Rush Hour" with Jackie Chan. The staircase, inside, is a favorite location.
Interior, Foo Chow. Can't you see Jackie Chan tumbling down that staircase?
Chinatown, on a warm evening is great. Chung King Road is strung with orange lanterns. People are strolling from gallery to gallery. The usual tourist crowds are across the way in the popular part of Chinatown. 

Chung King Road was home to many furniture and curio shops in the past. The art galleries took over a decade ago.
Good Luck Gallery owner, Paige Wery and artist, Parris Patton

Sculpture by Parris Patton
We ran into many friends at the other galleries and viewed some very interesting artwork.
Performance Artist, Crisis the Clown was on the scene
A few of our friends said they were driving up to the Highland Park art galleries for a few more openings. We hadn't been to the gallery at Future Studio is a year, so we hopped on the 110 to convene with our friends at Future, Amy and Stuart. 
Chicken Boy, the Statue of Liberty of Los Angeles is on the roof at Future Studio

There were a couple of large paintings by REBECCA. I always love visiting Future Studio, the home of Chicken Boy. Curator, Amy Inouye, has a large collection of chicken objects, sundries, books, jewelry and other great items for sale in the little store next to the gallery.
Chicken Kitsch

Crocheted Chicken Boy Head
We had a delightful, artful evening. I love Los Angeles!

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