Friday, May 03, 2019

No End of "Elise" Shawls

When I like a crochet pattern, I really go for it! I make the same pattern OVER and OVER and OVER! I really like the Elise Shawl Pattern.  This pattern is easy to memorize. Once it's crocheted and blocked, the lace opens up beautifully. The pattern has a very lacy and lady-like look. I've crocheted this pattern at least 11 times! See below:

Audrey and Elise

Nicole and Elise
I could not resist just one more time. My friend Ruth gave me a huge skein of beautiful sock-weight yarn in a rusty color way. I paired it with a bit of leftover Twist Solitude yarn in a beige-y color and started crocheting!  I must say, I'm thrilled with the results! "Elise" never disappoints!

Missing my shawl model, Nicole!!!
Thanks for the gorgeous yarn, Ruthie!

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