Monday, May 06, 2019

The Japanese Garden

On Sunday we visited The Japanese Garden at the Tillman Water Reclamation Plant in Van Nuys. We've been wanting to visit for a long time. It was a beautiful day in the Valley on Sunday. Springtime is best, not too hot!

The Garden is part of Woodley Park. They were having "Veg Fest" at the Park, with live music, which kind of ruined the tranquil vibe in the Garden, but that's OK. It's easy to walk around the garden. There are paths, bridges and just a few stairways. There are lovely statues and small buildings throughout that enhance the landscaping.
The Gardens were designed  by Dr. Koichi Kawana. He designed the gardens as a blend of traditional Japanese design and modern Western architecture. The Administration Building (1984) was designed by architect, Anthony J. Lumsden. It has been used in many film and television productions, including  Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek Voyager and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
Screen grab from "Star Trek" with enhanced CGI, adding the bridge and other buildings
I love the combination of the ultra-modern, brutalist-style, blocky building with the flowing and peaceful Japanese landscaping.

I do remember reading about The Ukulele Garden Experience held last spring, led by ukulele teacher and performer Jason Arimoto. I wonder if U-Space is sponsoring this event again?
In back of the garden is the actual water reclamation plant. You can climb the stairs to the Viewing Tower to watch the process of reclaiming wastewater. Go on a day with a small breeze, because it is a bit stinky on that side of the Garden!
The Water Reclamation Plant

The Tea House, available for events

Inside the Administration Building there are various displays about the reclamation plant, Japanese heritage and more. It's an impressive building with some groovy furniture!

Molded Fiberglass Loveseat

May I help you?
We had a nice visit on a perfect spring day!

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