Thursday, November 28, 2019

Thanksgiving, 1956, Beverly Hills

Every year since I was a tiny girl, my Aunt Mae and Uncle Marvin have hosted our family Thanksgiving. Aunt Mae is my Mother's older sister. Here we are in 1956 at Mae's and Marvin's home on Spalding Drive in Beverly Hills. Later, they moved to Bel Air and then to Westwood. We moved on to various restaurants and to the Del Rey Yacht Club for our celebrations in later years. Last year and today, we are celebrating at Cousin Carolyn's home in Valencia.
At the head of the table, Grandpa Sam, Aunt Mae (standing), Grandma Freda, Cousin Marilyn, Cousin Janet, Uncle Bob, Aunt Celia, Mom (closest to the camera), Me, Cousin Carolyn
Our family has grown and changed over the years. My cousins, Marilyn and Carolyn have children and grandchildren! Many of our aunts, uncles and cousins are gone, but not forgotten. We shall remember them all today as we celebrate and give thanks for our family, friends and a bountiful Thanksgiving!
After Dinner!
L-R: My brother, Ken, Dad, Grandpa, Uncle Bob
A memory from 2016, playing ukulele with my musical cousins!

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