Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Right Before Your Eyes!

Crapi Apartments, Overland Avenue, Palms

While driving down Overland Avenue in Palms, WLA, you might spy a certain mid-20th century apartment building and do a double-take. The Crapi Apartments name is a play on the word "Capri" Apartments.  So many "dingbat" style buildings of this era have tropical and whimsical names. 

Chee-Zee Apartments, Woodbine Ave., Palms

Around the corner from the Crapi Apartments are the Chee-Zee Apartments!  Both of these buildings are the subtle joke of the owner of NPA, National Promotions and Advertising. NPA specializes in outdoor advertising and have a sign-filled facility, just down the block. We've been lucky to attend a couple of parties at NPA.

NPA Offices, Overland Ave., Palms. Photo from NPA Website

The outside of the NPA is an ordinary looking warehouse space with a Greyhound bus in front. This is how you enter the building, through the bus!  Naturally, the bus driver is a greyhound dog.
This guy drives the NPA Bus!

I also noticed that NPA now sports a giant hot dog on the roof.  At one time, this plaster dog graced the top of a hot dog stand on the corner of Hollywood and Western, in East Hollywood.  Later, a Thai restaurant took over the stand but left the dog on top, until NPA rescued it.
Hot Dog @NPA Headquarters. Photo from NPA Website

Former location of hot dog, Hollywood and Western, East Hollywood

Next time you're driving down a boring street, look a little bit closer, you might find something unusual!

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At 2:38 AM PDT, Blogger Bishop Stone said...

Ha ha i love the dog driver. There are so many interesting sights to see .


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