Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Lunch with Mary Jo

Last month our dear friend, Mary Jo suffered a burst appendix!! She was in the hospital for awhile and had to stay home from work to recuperate for weeks! I'm happy to say that M.J. went back to work yesterday. Today I zoomed over to Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank to have lunch with Mary Jo and her co-worker, Allyson. They both work in the Foley Department at WB.
We walked over to the Commissary for lunch. It was nice being on the lot again...any lot! I've worked at various studios for over 30 years, but for the last 12 I've been stuck in an office building. I do miss the interaction with all of the talented people.
It was a beautiful day, so the girls took me for a little tour around the Lot. We saw a remnant of the Berlin Wall. One year Time-Warner gave us all paper weights made from little chunks of the wall. My company is a subsidiary of T-W, so we're really ALL co-workers!

In front of a chunk o' the Berlin Wall

Then, we walked over to the WB Company Store. There was lots of HBO merchandise as well as for other WB shows and movies. I almost bought a coffee cup for "Two and a-Half Men" figuring it might be obsolete soon, but I restrained myself at $13 for a very ordinary mug! The Warner Bros. lot is filled with great franchises....there's Poquito Mas, Starbucks and more. One never has to leave the Lot. I guess that's the idea. Keep the workers happy and they'll work longer hours!

Outside the Warner Bros. Commissary

After lunch I got to watch the professionals at work. Mary Jo is the engineer. Allyson and John are the Foley artists. Everything is digitized....very hi-tech!

Mary Jo, at the controls

Allyson and John making movie sound magic!

Thanks for my behind-the-scenes visit today, Mary Jo! So glad that you're back on your feet, looking and feeling great!

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At 7:33 PM PST, Blogger Natalie said...

Mary Jo looks great. What a fun lunch!


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