Monday, August 08, 2011

Asian Food Weekend

Chilbo Myunok, 3680 W 6th St.,Los Angeles, (213) 387-9292

We're very lucky in Los Angeles to have so many different types of Asian food readily available. There's authentic Chinese food in the San Gabriel Valley and downtown; Korean food in Mid Wilshire's KoreaTown; Thai food in East Hollywood; Japanese food in Little Tokyo, Sawtelle and Gardena and MORE! We sampled Korean and Thai food over the weekend.
On Friday we had refreshing cold noodle soup, a hot dumpling soup and a few appetizers at Chilbo Myunok on 6th St. in KoreaTown. They specialize in the cold noodle soup and it was delicious. This place was kinda' high-tech and very nice, but the prices were reasonable. The service and staff were very helpful too. I'd definitely return.
Cold Noodle Soup
Hot Dumpling and Rice Cake Soup
Larry, enjoying the Hi-Tech Interior

On Saturday night we met up with MaryJo, Brit and Dan at Jitlada Thai in Hollywood for dinner. I've been reading reviews about this place for years. Restaurant critic, Jonathan Gold RAVES about the food here. Granted, Larry and I aren't THAT into really spicy food, but the regular menu items looked good too. I'd read a lot of online reviews...some were positive, some were negative. We decided to experience it for ourselves.

Jitlada, Mini Mall-chitecture
Brit and Dan
Steamed Clams in Spicy Broth

Brit had been to Jitlada before and knew a few dishes to order. We had a varying array of tastes that were all excellent. HOWEVER, Brit said that the portions had diminished and the prices had gone up since the last time she was there. Well, OK. I get that this place is popular now, so they raised their prices.

Coco Mango Salad
MaryJo and BritSpinach w/CashewsShrimp in Panang Curry Sauce

The food was delicious, the service was good and we had a great time. We did not have to wait for a table at 7pm on a Saturday night, but the place was full. When we left at 9pm, there was a line in the parking lot. We did have to order a few extra dishes to feed all 5 of us, but everything was prepared beautifully and extremely yummy.

Mango Rice
Not sure if I'd return. There are so many other Thai restaurants in this area to try.
Jitlada Thai, 5233 W Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, (323) 663-3104

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At 5:29 PM PDT, Anonymous Jo Anne said...

Yum, the Thai food looks great!


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