Friday, September 06, 2013

Vintage Photo Friday

Is 2006 considered a long time ago?  It's only seven years ago, but seems like a life-time away.  It was John "Juke" Logan's 60th birthday.  He was celebrating with a gig at Pappy and Harriet's Pioneer Town Palace and then a small get-together at his Joshua Tree home.
L-R:  Mike Tempo, Don Heffington, Juke Logan, Kid Ramos, Jeff Turmes (front), Pioneer Town, 2006.

As you may know, my former radio partner, Juke Logan, passed away last Friday due to esophageal cancer.  The tributes have been rolling in, including THIS ONE on the L.A. Times Music Blog. 
We spent many great times in the desert with Juke, starting around 1989. At the time, before we were radio co-hosts on KPCC's "Friday Night Blues Revue," I used to book Juke and his musical duo partner, Bill Lynch in clubs around the Los Angeles area.  My good friend, Jan Stout had moved to Yucca Valley and become friends with Pappy and Harriet, the original owners of the Pioneer Town Palace.  With Jan's help, we booked the duo and many other configurations of Juke's bands at The Palace.  

Logan and Lynch duo photos from the John "Juke" Logan Archive

When Juke finally purchased his home in Joshua Tree, it was a dream-come-true for the vagabond musician.  He set down roots in the High Desert, often coming into L.A. for TV, movie and other professional music sessions.  
Juke was very happy in the desert.  I'm so glad that his final days were spent in a place that he loved.  Farewell, my friend.
2006.  Larry, stringing his thrift-shop guitar on Juke's Joshua Tree Patio

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At 7:11 PM PDT, Blogger Mia said...

What a beautiful tribute, Ellen. Thanks for sharing your memories.

At 8:46 PM PDT, Blogger RossK said...

What Mia said!

Thanks Ellen.

(and it looks one of the members of the L&L duo had an interesting license to snap)

At 7:32 PM PDT, Blogger Patricia said...

Very nice post. Life is a tapestry...and the threads of all those we have loved and connected with make up our life!

At 8:01 PM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone! I appreciate you all.

Yes, Ross...Juke's license plate was "Let's Buzz" this is a title to one of his most popular songs!

At 9:31 PM PDT, Blogger RossK said...

Ahhhh....Got it.

Thanks Ellen.



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