Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Eunice, Louisiana

Photographer Larry Underhill and D.J. Paul Marx on Radio KBON, Eunice, Louisiana

Day 2 in Cajun Country started out with a visit to the local radio station in Eunice, KBON, 101.1 FM.  D.J. Paul Marx was on the air, playing some sweet Cajun and Zydeco music while we toured the station and heard about the ghosts that inhabit the building.   The station is filled with music memorabilia from visiting musicians.  Naturally, Mr. Larry likes to lag behind the group to take those last minute photos.  Well, D.J. Paul pulled Larry into the booth and started interviewing him about our music tour.  I checked back to see where Larry was and was on the air too!  I've made my Louisiana radio debut.  The station offered to give me my own show, Monday and Tuesday nights, 6-10pm.  Hmmm?  I may have to check into that.

Our next stop was a visit to the Liberty Theater where a weekly "Opry" style show is hosted on local radio and TV in French!  The theater was built in 1924 and has been refurbished.  We were on our own after that to tour downtown Eunice and have lunch.

After lunch our tour took us to the Savoy Music Center where owner, Marc Savoy showed us around his music workshop.  He gave us a detailed demonstration on how he constructs Cajun accordions.  Fascinating.

Marc Savoy demonstrates the Cajun accordion
Accordion Construction

We stopped at a spot on the bayou and learned how to catch crawfish for our outdoor crawfish boil and picnic later in the day.  Many of us got to feel the mud between our toes as we waded out into the water.  You'd pay tons of money for this spa treatment back home!

We proceeded to Marc and Ann Savoy's home afterwards for a home tour and crawfish boil.  I'd have to say that this was the highlight of our Cajun Country trip.  Marc's and Ann's family is both talented and warm.  Everyone in the family plays an instrument and sings.  We were serenaded by the family and other friends and neighbors.  There was a BBQ and crawfish extravaganza followed by more music, dancing and just hanging out.   It was truly a wonderful day in Cajun Country.
Ann Savoy tells us about her historic home

Crawfish Murder

We're on our way to Lafayette today for the last few activities of our Cajun Country tour.  Back to New Orleans this evening.

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At 8:27 AM PDT, Blogger Lenora said...

Oh, the memories you have stirred. In my youth, I bought a guitar from Mr. Marc and a tambourine. So glad you enjoyed my home town.


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