Tuesday, February 03, 2015

License to Snap - Yiddish Version

A few of these vanity license plates are repeats, but between my Star Reporter in the field, Brenda C. and me, we comb the Westside of Los Angeles from La Brea to the Beach on a regular basis.  Maybe there's a correlation between people that have a working knowledge of the Yiddish language and expressing themselves on their vanity license plates.  Hmmm? You may draw your own conclusions, but I submit that we're a proud people and want to share our knowledge and humor with the world!  Hoo Ha!
The first two examples are different spellings of the same sentiment...one seen by Brenda and one by me:

This one is for the Mistress of Kugeldom, SJG

Jewish Dance Music of Eastern Europe

In today's lexicon this would mean "OMG!"

A zuzim is an ancient Hebrew silver coin.  Me thinks this ride cost more than a half a shekel!

Yeah, it's all VERY GOOD!

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At 1:18 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oy vey those are COOL!


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