Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Bat Crochet

We were invited to a masquerade ball last Saturday.  This was a party with a "Batman" theme, 1967 style. Larry and I both watched the TV show when we were kids. We still watch the show in reruns. It's a scream, filled with guest stars of the era. 
We were asked to dress formally for the ball.  No problem. Larry has a tuxedo and I have several beaded jackets. Now, we needed specialized masks to fit OVER our eyeglasses.I did not want to attend a party with tons of great costumes and not be able to see them all!
I looked online for crocheted patterns for Batman masks. Nothing appealed to me. I looked for Mardo Gras masks.  Nope. Then I just searched images for masks and saw this Japanese pattern for a Ninja Turtle mask. Perfect!  I liked the construction. Since I don't read Japanese, the photo was clear enough so I could see how it was made. 

I fashioned Larry's mask out of black Red Heart Super Saver yarn. I added fins at the top of his mask to resemble George Barris' Batmobile. Then, I trimmed the entire mask in red, just like the car. 

The Batmobile by George Barris

I didn't measure the circumference of Larry's head correctly, so I added a striped extension at the back so the mask would fit. Success!

The Debonair Mr. Bat-Lar

My mask was easier to crochet, since I'd already figured out the details on Larry's mask. Mine is a bit more elegant...simple white with black trim. I added some  fleur-de-lis  picot stitches at the top and a silver pin in the center for some bling. It fits over my eyeglasses, but if I get a bit hot, my glasses fog up! Design flaw!

Ellen's Crocheted Mask

Ellen and party guest, Vince Hue

To view more photos of the party, check out this album

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At 1:20 PM PDT, Blogger Jamie Jamison said...

Where did you get the wonderful batman-crochet image?

At 5:11 PM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Hi Jamie!

I saw this Batman cartoon crochet image on Pinterest. There was also a ukulele version! There wasn't any credit on the photo. It cracked me up!

Ellen B.


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