Friday, October 30, 2015

Mom on Halloween

There was a time when my Mom made an effort at Halloween. She helped us fashion costumes every year for trick or treating. She and Dad went to Halloween parties and dressed up. Usually, she used something that she had on hand and added a few elements to make it into a costume. Here's Mom in 1957 at a Halloween party. She and Dad had recently returned from a trip to Mexico, so they wore sombreros and serapes over white "peon" clothes.
Mom in sombrero and serape, 1957
There were other parties where Mom dressed as a 1920's bathing beauty in one of those ridiculous outfits with bloomers, a sweater and a little gingham hat. Wish I could find that photo! I remember my Dad dressing as an Arab one year! He borrowed one of my grandfather's long night shirts and fashioned a head-dress out of a dishtowel!  That went over great in our predominantly Jewish neighborhood!  Hah!
Lately, Mom is not interested at all in anything remotely having to do with Halloween. Here she is, sitting at Dinah's Restaurant, completely oblivious to the scary goblins hovering over her....two years in a row!!

Mom at Dinah's, October 2014
Mom at Dinah's, October 2015

Speaking of Halloween in the neighborhood, I look forward to Saturday night! We're going to the Witch's House in Beverly Hills to help pass out candy to the hoards of kids that mob this historic home!  I'll be dressed as the witch, of course!
Michael Libow's Witch's House, Beverly Hills

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