Thursday, November 16, 2017

AFTER Turkey Day!

Yes, we're all gearing up for Thanksgiving next week. Did you buy your bird yet? We are lucky to celebrate the day with our family by eating OUT. I don't think I've ever cooked Thanksgiving dinner for a crowd. This is good and bad. Good, because I don't have to rush around before the big day. Bad, because we never have leftovers. This post is all about leftovers. I will probably cook a turkey breast and a drumstick or two the day AFTER T-giving so I can cook some of these recipes.

What to do with the remains of the turkey?  Shove turkey bits into every conceivable type of recipe you can imagine, that's what!  
I like turkey leftovers even more than I like the original dinner.  Turkey soup, turkey sandwiches, turkey chili, turkey tetrazzini, turkey salad....the list is endless.  By the end of the week you are really glad to see that turkey over and done with!  Time for a nice, juicy steak.
Here are some links to a few of my fave turkey leftover recipes:
The turkey sandwich is the easiest.  Just smash some white meat, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mayo and lettuce into a soft roll or two slices of nice, fresh French bread and chow down.
Turkey Tetrazzini.  Substitute wide egg noodles for the spaghetti. 
Turkey Salad.  I like to add some green grapes or diced apples to this recipe.
Turkey Soup.  I also add a handful of Kasha (oat groats) to my soup for that haimishe or homey flavor.
Turkey Chili.  Just remember to add más comino (cumin) to this dish for authentic flavor!
Don't forget to wear your "Turkey in Pilgrim Hat" the entire week!

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At 4:26 AM PST, Blogger ken bloom said...

Our approaqch is a little different. We do the straight turkey till the dressing is gone. Then it's sandwiches and when that's over I make a turkey soup/stew that has veggies, hot peppers, and lots of barley. This will give me hearty meals for maybe another week. Yummm!!!!!!!!


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