Wednesday, December 20, 2017


We're gearing up at Chez Bloom Underhill for this week's festivities. A few family members and friends are coming over for brunch on Christmas Day. I will be starting the food prep later in the week. Thankfully, I'm on VACATION now! Yippee! Plenty of time to shop for those last minute gifties, decorate the house and think about cooking for the big day.
Larry is outside right now working on our current outdoor light display. Every year, he puts up this metal contraption that he made to hang on our window valences outside. He decided to re-configure the design this year using LED lights. I can't wait to see what he comes up with. It's always a tasteful design, just outlining our windows and front door.
Inside is another story. After dusting and vacuuming, we'll put up our vintage aluminum tree, adorned with all knitted and crocheted ornaments.

Larry has a few new accessories for the tree this year. We have more plastic Santas, one of those color wheels and some more interesting lights that are projected onto the tree.

Every year my good friend, Suzette and I trade yarny ornaments for our trees. Years ago I decided to only put yarny ornaments on our tree. Thank you Suze, for SO MANY beautiful pieces! Here are a few glimpses of last year's tree.

This year, Suzette knitted a Santa Slug and the cutest little chicken. Even though the chicken is a year-'round accessory, I'm going to put Henny Penny on our tree! So cute!
Santa Slug, last year's Sock Monkey and Henny Penny, among other yarny ornaments
When I run out of traditional ornaments, I just stick some crocheted drink coasters on the tree. It's all so festive. Are you decorating your house?

1969. A wonderful internet find. Love that quilted housecoat and everything else about this photo!

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