Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Big Brother is Watching

Trader Joe's, Culver City

Larry and I did some grocery shopping last night at the East Culver City Trader Joe's. This is the TJ's next to the Ince Parking Structure, very convenient parking for many cars. 
Recently, this parking structure did away with its human parking attendants and installed automated parking. There is a camera that photographs your license plate as you take a ticket and enter the lot. Big Brother is watching
The CROCHET Car License Plate was Photographed!
This type of automated parking has become common in many lots in Los Angeles. I was sad to see that the friendly parking lot attendants were gone. One lady in particular was always nice, smiled and gave me a greeting as I drove away. Our small town is big-time and anonymous now.

If you park in the structure for less than one hour, parking is free and there is no need to validate your ticket or go to the pay booth. When approaching the exit ticket driveway, another camera reads your license plate and the gate arm opens. I will be collecting my CROCHET car tickets for some sort of future art project. I don't like waste!
At least there is human contact with the Trader Joe's cashiers and staff. They are always friendly and accommodating. I look forward to June when TJ's has peonies for sale!
Stay Tuned for Peonies in June!

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