Monday, July 10, 2006

More Hats and BACON!

Another hot weekend! I went to our once-a-month SnB at the Original Farmers Market on Saturday morning. I drove over there early to meet Ana for breakfast at Kokomo. We had a great breakfast...the food is excellent here and Ana showed me some of her latest designs...she's extremely creative! As we were finishing up, ready to go upstairs for the SnB meeting, Regina and her daughter, Lena sat down next to us at Kokomo. Later, upstairs, Regina unveiled her latest creation for Project Wrongway, the Bacon Wrap! Here it is, modeled by the lovely Lena. Talk about creative! Regina wrote about the sizzling unveiling on her blog and there is more detailed Bacon Wrap info here.
I whipped up a few more hats for Stitches From The Heart. I got the inspiration for the watermelon hat from Laurie Ann's friend, Tammy at our Thursday SnB. She's making Julie Holetz's Fat Bottom Bag in watermelon colors! It's great looking. I had watermelon on the brain!

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At 11:55 AM PDT, Blogger LadyLinoleum said...

You definitely need to make a watermelon hat for yourself. It would look great while your strumming away on your new fluke.

At 1:31 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That bacon looks scrumptious! It's non-fattening too!

Los Angeles

At 4:15 AM PDT, Anonymous Alensia said...

Could you tell me how to make that watermelon hat, please?

At 8:16 AM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Alensia, you could use ANY hat pattern for the watermelon hat. It's all about the color choices. As long as you use pink, light green and dark green for the hat just like in my photo, you'll have a water melon hat. After knitting or crocheting the hat, I embroidered little black dots (the seeds) on the dark pink portion of the hat.


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