Monday, April 16, 2007

Saturday was FUN!

Buddha Cat by Gary Steinborn of Venice Clay

Met up with everyone at the WeHo Saturday group at the Original Farmers Market. To my great surprise and happiness, a few of the ladies I met at Stitches West in February showed up. Madge, Marie and Jillian drove ALL THE WAY from the San Gabriel Valley to join us and to tour the Farmers Market. You can see photos of the meeting on Madge's and Marie's site.

After the SnB, Mary Jo and I went back to my house. Mary Jo thinks that our yarn stash/collection is about even. Can't wait to view her stash! We had a lovely lunch at our local Bloom Cafe, then stopped at the Craft and Folk Art Museum on the Miracle Mile. Mary Jo bought this great looking Buddha Cat in a bronze color, sculpted by Gary Steinbom of Venice Clay.

We could not contain ourselves. We ended up going back to Hollywood for more of the Black Sheet Knittery sale. The sale is going on until the end of April. Kristal, the shop owner, keeps pulling out more yarn, needles, books, accessories for this incredible half-off everything in the store sale. I bought some more Koigu, some hand-painted yarn and a few skeins of Noro Kureyon. I'm not even going to take photos of the stuff. I'm waaayyyyy over-budget on yarn. I figure if I don't photograph it, then it really didn't happen.
Black Sheep Knittery is just around the
corner from the historic Capitol Records Building

When we walked into Black Sheep, who do we see but Madge, Marie and Jillian! They had also been to the shop last month, but couldn't stay away when they found themselves in the neighborhood on their way back to the eastside from the Farmers Market. We oooohhed and aahhhed over each other's purchases and tried to rationalize the huge amounts of money spent on immense amounts of yarn and supplies.
Madge and Marie @ Black Sheep Knittery, Hollywood

Jillian, Happily Knitting

More stories about my Saturday adventures tomorrow.....Northeast L.A. Art Gallery Night....what a blast!

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At 3:18 PM PDT, Blogger mary said...

Looks like it was a blast, especially if there was more yarn consumption. Those buddha cats are positively meeeeow!

At 5:09 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen!

Here in Bakersfield, my fave thing is going to yarn sales! Our fancy yarn store, Creative Pursuits has sales twice a year. You should come up for the next one!


At 6:09 PM PDT, Blogger carlita dee said...

I KNEW you'd give in to a repeat trip to Black Sheep, especially once you joined with our fellow super-junkie, Mary Jo.

I can't even lie. I'm going back next payday. Wheeeeee!

Neck 'n neck, hunh? I haven't seen MJ's stash in person, but it sure looked hugundous in the pics she posted on her blog.

Ah well. Just crochet faster!

At 6:11 PM PDT, Blogger carlita dee said...

And don't go showing all the good stuff that's still available before I get a chance to go back!

At 6:32 PM PDT, Blogger Madge said...

Saturday was all SORTS of FUN!


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