Friday, February 29, 2008

San Francisco - Day 1

True Bliss
Our flight to SF was delayed almost 2 hours due to early morning fog in SF! Darn...we could have slept in! Oh well...once we got going, the trip was quick and uneventful. We got into the City by about 1:30, had a quick lunch at Sears Fine Food, across from our hotel and then started walking around the Union Square District.
Larry escorted me to the Mecca of Fine Yarns, Artfibers. He stayed for a bit, but then figured that he'd have more fun seeking out guitar shops and bookstores.
Artfibers is a very unique place. I'd been before, but didn't have enough time to really get into the vibe. The owner, Roxanne, greeted me at the door and told me to take my time, browse, swatch some yarns and experience the store. There were a few people there, but not as crowded as it would be on a Saturday.
I was looking for a light-weight yarn, DK weight, something that I could knit a shell with. All of the yarns at Artfibers are produced exclusively for them. They sell the yarns on cones. The most amazing feature about this place is that once you buy your yarn and decide what style of sweater you want to knit, they will measure you and write up your pattern using a computerized knitware design. It's fantastic! I was thinking that once I finished this sweater made from Artfibers' Valparaiso yarn, 50% baby alpaca/50% merino wool, I might just use up some of my vast collection of Koigu and make another simple shell.
Roxanne, designing my sweater

We're off to dinner and a gallery opening now.....more tomorrow!

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At 7:07 PM PST, Blogger Kath said...

Oh wow, Artfibers just sounds amazing! A pattern written on the spot using your own measurements? That's worth gold to me!

At 8:16 AM PST, Blogger Yarnartist said...

Thank you so much for taking us along on your trip to Artfibers. It has always sounded like a place I could go into and have a yarn coma!

Happy anniversary to you and Mr. Larry!

At 11:19 AM PST, Blogger carlita dee said...

Shut up you're blogging from the road! I LOVE it!

I so want me one of them personal Artfibers patterns.

Where to next?

At 8:31 AM PST, Blogger Kyle William said...

how fun and exciting! all that cone yarn seems inspiring to me... I hope you're really enjoying your trip -



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