Thursday, June 18, 2009

Strictly Modern

Even though our house is Spanish Revival, built in 1927, the newer portion in the back is strictly MODERN. Our architect designed our master bedroom so that it wouldn't show from the front of the house. We didn't want the world to see our mixed-bag taste, always being sensitive to our lovely Mid-City West neighborhood. I'm easily amused when driving through neighborhoods and I see huge second stories "stuck" onto the back of tiny little bungalows. So many additions look out of place with the original house.
Our original house is very simple. The Spanish Revival overtones are not that apparent, except for the red-tiled roof and a few arches. This has enabled us to furnish our home in a mid-20th century modern style, without looking off-kilter to the design of the house.
We recently moved into our new bedroom. NOW, the fun begins. We're putting together our closets, figuring out what to put on the windows, picked up a new comforter for the bed. We do need a few pieces of furniture (a chest/bench for the end of the bed); an easy chair for the corner; maybe a bureau for Larry and some sort of arrangement for books and the TV. Of course, we'd love to get a new flat-screen TV, but that will have to wait a bit.
The ceiling in our bedroom is high. We're contemplating a fabulous George Nelson designed bubble fixture. Our friends at Modernica have re-issued the classic lamp designs.

From Modernica's website:
LOS ANGELES California, June 2, 2009 -- Modernica, the official worldwide distributor and manufacturer of the George Nelson Bubble Lamp Collection, has reissued versions of George Nelson's iconic Criss Cross Bubble Lamp that have been out of production for decades. The reissues come in a Cigar, Pear or Ball pendant lamp choice.
George Nelson developed the Bubble Lamp in 1947 after purchasing a high-end Swedish spherical hanging lamp for his new office. Nelson was inspired to design a lighting fixture with the same look and superior lighting, but more cost effective. Howard Miller produced the Bubble Lamps from 1952 until they discontinued production in 1979.
In the 1990's, Modernica reissued the Bubble Lamp line utilizing Nelson’s exact specifications and the original Howard Miller factory tooling. Modernica also “named” each individual Bubble Lamp design: Saucer, Ball, Cigar, Apple, Pear, Criss Cross, Lantern and Propeller. The original lamps were not given names by Nelson instead they were assigned catalog numbers.
Originally, customers could write “CC” on their lamp orders and get almost any lamp made as a Criss Cross. This wasn't done very much, so as a result the old Criss Cross lamps are quite rare. The diffused lighting and elegant design of the Criss Cross Bubble Lamp can now once again enhance any home, business or industrial environment.
Modernica proudly carries on the tradition of the George Nelson’s Bubble Lamps, some of the most enduring, iconic designs of the modernist era. The George Nelson Bubble Lamps are even featured in the permanent collection at Modern Museum of Art in New York City.
An added plus, Modernica is on Beverly Blvd., between La Brea and Martel, just a few doors from my fave margarita place in town, El Coyote!
Modernica, 7366 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90036; (323) 933-0383

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At 12:23 PM PDT, Blogger Beth said...

How fun!! Can't wait to see the finished decor!!

At 1:18 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love to pig out at El Coyote on the entree that has guacamole and your choice of main item, for which I always choose the green corn tamales. Throw in the corn tortillas and you have a total carb/fat overload!!!!!!!!

Christine G.

PS: Love all the decor stuff. What fun for you!

At 1:31 PM PDT, Blogger Natalie said...

tres tres fab!
love the bubble lamps.
One would look great in your new room.

I also love his clocks.


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