Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A Bit of Progress

Installing the Room Fan
Over the long weekend Larry and I managed to do a bit around the house. We've finally moved into our new bedroom and are slowly putting things where they belong. We're finding that we have tons of stuff in our garage to furnish our new room. Mostly, we've been digging around in there and pulling out old treasures. This will take awhile!
Not sure which art to hang in the bathroom
Larry found this old file cabinet in the garage
Tony de Carlo paintings look good in this modern room!

Herman Miller Eames Hang-It-All Coat Rack

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At 4:59 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your new room is shaping up very nicely, Ellen. Congratulations!


At 6:00 PM PDT, Blogger Jean said...

Looking good! The modern you are using is so classic, some pieces are just ageless and shopping from your own storage - doesn't get much better than that.

At 7:45 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 8:50 PM PDT, Blogger betty said...

It's looking great! And I'm really impressed with the contents of your garage. Our garage has nothing but junk.

At 5:38 PM PDT, Blogger Beth said...

It's looking fantastic!!

At 6:00 PM PDT, Blogger Natalie said...

Oh! A sneak peek.

Everything is really coming together.

At 10:12 AM PDT, Anonymous Jo Anne said...

Enjoy the new room!! Ceiling fans are the best. I too have Tony de Carlo hanging in my house...

At 1:36 PM PDT, Blogger Staci said...

It's been years since you put everything together. I am certain that there are many changes today, probably even better than your room here. Your ceiling fan, is it still working up to now? I see that your room ceiling is quite high. Good thing the ceiling fan's tube is a little longer too. If your thinking of replacing it, try to pick a ceiling fan with a bit of details since your ceiling has no crown mold or curve. The ceiling fan will definitely make a nice d├ęcor up there.

Staci Severns @ Brooklyn Fan


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