Friday, July 24, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday

Vera & Moishe Bloom (my great-grandparents)

My Grandma Ethel passed away in 1962; my Grandpa Lawrence passed away in 1965. My Dad captured most of the old photo albums from his parents' house when he and my uncles were clearing everything out in '65. These photos are from an album that Grandma put together with her family's photos and also my Grandfather's family photos. Some of the locations are in Russia, some in the United States. All are from the late 1890's to the early and mid-1900's. I can recognize many of the people in the photos, but some are lost to history. I should really take this album over to my Uncle Mort's house (he's 92) and ask him who some of these people are.
Fuel-Efficient Family Vehicle
The man in the middle, wearing the derby looks like my Grandfather. I'm not sure who all the beauties in bustles and hats are!
Grandma Ethel's parents owned a kosher hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The photo album that all of these pictures are contained in has a molting, suede-like finish with a handpainted flower on the front. Etched letters declare this a photo album for "snap shots". On the back, "Atlantic City Hadassah." The Hadassah organization was founded in 1912. You can read a bit about it here.
More Vintage Photos here. Have a great weekend!

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At 12:45 PM PDT, Blogger Natalie said...

What a treasure album.

I love the bustles

At 2:24 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All of those old photos are amazing, Ellen. You are so lucky to have them...even if you don't know who all the people are.


At 4:20 PM PDT, Blogger Jean said...

You have the best vintage photos and your sharing your family history with us, is quite endearing, especially if we don't have a great deal of our own.


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