Monday, June 07, 2010

Mini-Field Trip

Russell Wright Pottery

On Sunday, after having a lovely birthday brunch for my Mom at Cecconi's in West Hollywood, Larry and I set out for Atwater. In early May I'd visited the Bauer Pottery Showroom and I had this longing to return. I do love Bauer Pottery, but I've really fallen in love with Bauer's Russell Wright Pottery. Bauer purchased the rights to the line and are now making reproductions of Russell Wright's original designs. The lines of these pieces are gorgeous...very biomorphic.
The Bauer and Russell Wright Pottery Showroom for seconds is located just off San Fernando Road in a very industrial section of L.A., near Glendale. The showroom is open on the first weekend of every month. Once you reach the street of the showroom, you have to drive down this alley until you see the ramshackle building. You'd never know from the outside that this building houses some of the most beautiful pottery!

Bauer & Russell Wright Pottery Showroom

I inherited a lovely RW platter from my Mother-in-law in a soft, pearl gray color. I decided to purchase a couple of more pieces to go with the platter. I bought a vegetable bowl and a relish tray. As we were driving back to Mid-City L.A., we passed the Glendale Forest Lawn. We hadn't been here since the "In Search of Tiki" show a couple of years ago. The Museum at the cemetery is quite pleasant. Of course, the grounds are magnificent. There's a whole story about the building of this cemetery and creating a "memorial park" for the living, versus just a parking lot for graves. If you ever have a chance to see the movie, "The Loved One," you'll see many shots of Forest Lawn Glendale. This movie is also a spoof on the type of cemetery that has become a "memorial park."
Anyway, Larry and I drove up to the Museum at Forest Lawn Glendale and saw an exhibit on the engravings of Goya, a few stained glass windows and some sculpture. The views of the City from the top of the hill are magnificent.
See? Los Angeles is a tourist destination!

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At 6:26 PM PDT, Blogger Lisa R-R said...

You are lucky to see some of the Caprichos engravings!
I spent a fair bit of of time in Barcelona and Madrid recently looking at Goya works.
His Disasters of War etchings travelled to Toronto some years ago, and it left a real impression on me.
He is a fascinating artist.

At 1:29 PM PDT, Anonymous Martha in Kansas said...

Love the Russell Wright pottery. My mom gave me some she'd gotten as a wedding present in 1947 with the advice to keep it, as she said it would be worth a fortune some day. Well, not yet! But it sure is pretty!

At 8:17 PM PDT, Blogger Natalie said...

Sweet pottery! I love the relish dish you picked up. Who knew all that great stuff was in a shack off SF Road?


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