Friday, October 29, 2010

Vintage Photo Friday - Halloween

Trick or Treaters, Panorama City, 1957
photo courtesy of L.A. Public Library Archives

Halloween is upon us! We held our WeHo SnB Spooktacular last night at the Original Farmers Market. It was a blast! Costume winners, below:

photo by Mr. Larry

Denise was the Dragon Lady, Brenda came as a Shih Tzu puppy, Sara is a jelly fish, Vivian a humpback whale and lucky Richard is a squid!
Happy Halloween everyone and have a great weekend!

Hootie Owl-Kitty Ellen
photo by Beth

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Quick & Easy

I'm a verrrrrrry busy person!! I don't have time to cook dinner every single night!! Yes, that's why we go out a few times during the week.
My friend, John raved on and on about Trader Joe's chicken pot pie in the refrigerated section of the store. This is NOT the frozen chicken pot pie. The pie pictured above is fully cooked and ready to heat and eat...not a long shelf-life. The package says that one pie serves 4 people. Uh, no. Well, maybe for a side dish. This was the perfect main course size for 2 hungry people, served with some steamed vegies and a salad.
Thank you, John and T. Joe's!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tinga Tacos

Last night Larry and I decided to try Tinga Tacos on La Brea for dinner. I'd read a good review somewhere and thought it sounded promising.
It was.

The place was only half-full when we arrived, around 6:45 pm. They have a large menu and daily specials, kind of Kogi-like, but not as spicy. I ordered the steak tacos, Larry ordered the chicken tacos. We split a huge, pure sugar-cane Coca-Cola. Both dishes came with a side of freshly fried taco chips and a delicious salsa. We gobbled up everything.

Flat Iron Steak Tacos - Chipotle tortillas, tomato avocado relish, dog snout salsa, pickled red onions, quesco fresco, lime chipotle EscabechePechuga Tacos - Lemon brined chicken breast, salsa verde, potatoes, queso fresco
Coca-Cola from Mexico with sugar cane

This is a very casual place, one long table with stools down the center of the restaurant, a counter on one side and mini-tables on the other side....very chummy. The decor is stripped-down-industrial desert-Mexican with lots of stuffed black crows perched about.The only sign on the outside of the building that says Tinga is on the door. The marquee area is planted with vertical succulent plants...very exotic. This is a great place for a quick bite or even take-out.
Tinga Tacos
142 S La Brea Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 954-9566

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Our annual WeHo SnB Stitch 'n Witch is this Thursday, 10/28! Are you ready? Do you have your costume? I'll be working on my costume tonight! I hope you'll join us. Here are the details:

It’s time for the Annual WeHo SnB Spooktacular Halloween Party!
Thursday October 28, 2010
From 7-9pm
At The Original Farmer’s Market (3rd & Fairfax)
Haunting the dining room above Kip’s Toys.

There will be a costume contest and prizes. The categories are the most original costume and best use of yarn costume. This year’s special category is Animal Spirit. This is the best time of year to indulge your creative side, glue gun, glitter, and yarn! Let your animal spirit guide you to your best possible costume. Whip up a batch of ghoulish delights to share with your friends. Come on out and haunt the night with us!

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Monday, October 25, 2010

The Eyeglasses Have It!

I consider eyeglasses a necessity AND a fashion accessory! At my age, the camouflage of wearing eyeglasses, a hairdo with bangs, glitzy earrings and red lipstick all manage to disguise the fact that I'm aging. Well, at least I think so. If people are looking at your accessories, maybe they won't notice the wrinkles under your eyes!
Larry and I really enjoy going to the L.A. Eyeworks annual eyeglass frame sale. They design some fabulous and expensive frames. The sale gives us a chance to load up on these stylish accessories. It's also like a party at the shop during the sale. We often meet other 4-eyed friends and have a grand time trying on frames. It's kind of like a dress-up party!

Gai (behnd the counter), Ron and Tetsuji

We met Rhoda on Friday night at the shop and ran into Ron and Tetsuji too. Naturally, everyone was trying on everyone else's frames. I bought one pair (very thrifty for me), Larry bought 2 pairs, Rhoda bought 2 pairs.
The next day we met up with Mom, Hal, Guy, Alice and B for breakfast at Factor's Deli. They had to try on my new frames too!

B. and Alice
See how much fun the game, "eyeglass frame dress-up" can be?

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Hair Styles - Vintage Photo Friday

By now, everyone that reads this blog knows that I've been on the committee organizing my high school reunion for an ENTIRE YEAR!!! It's almost Saturday 10/30, we're finally going to celebrate!
This past year, classmates have sent in old photos to share and I've been reviewing many of my own old pictures. Yikes! I've had lots and lots of hair styles over the years. Since today is vintage photo Friday, I will share with you some of the hair doos and DON'TS I've rocked over the years!

A good hair day, 4 years old

A very bad hair AND tooth day , Kindergarten class photo
Ellen - L.A. Bloom '59
A good hairday, 6 years old, with Grandpa BloomPerfect "Cher Hair", 17 years old
Rockin' the short "Farrah Feathers" - mid-'70'sEllen - '82 - Venice Beach
Questionable Mullet-Perm, Venice Beach, early '80's
My Rockabilly - Pompadour Hair Days, late 80's, early '90's
KPCC Radio Promo Hair - mid - '90's

So, what am I doing this weekend? HAVING MY HAIR DONE FOR THE BIG EVENT NEXT WEEKEND, OF COURSE!!! Have a great one!

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sometimes Sunday Group

Winter Afghan in Progress

Yes, I participate in multiple Stitch 'n Bitch groups. A few Sundays a month, the "Sometimes Sunday" group meets at one of our houses. This past Sunday we were at my house. Many of us haven't seen each other in awhile. There has been quite a bit of traveling by the members of this group. It was really nice seeing everyone and catching up on their lives and their yarny projects!

Lori told us about her recent trip to Hawaii
Julie and Beth
Beth told us about her recent cruise to Alaska!
Carol told us about her trips to San Francisco and San DiegoSnacks are important on SundaysWinding of gorgeous yarn
I do love getting together with groups of people so we can compare notes on patterns and yarn!

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rainy Days & Hot Pink!

It's misting and raining a bit in Los Angeles. We're due for a big storm, but we'll see.if that really happens. Most often, storms from Northern California blow out to sea and bypass our fair City. I'm not a "love-the-rain" person, but I don't mind this light drizzle. It's not too cold and the freshness in the air is envigorating.
PinkGrannyCardi 02
To contrast all the gray skies, I'm wearing my new hot pink crocheted duster! I whipped this up in a few evenings, using the Granny Cardigan pattern as a basis. I added my current fave crocheted edging to the hem and the sleeves. I used a size "L" hook and Newton's Country Superwash Sock Yarn purchased at last year's Torrance Weaving and Fiber Festival. It's quite cheery, don't you think so?

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In Honor of Mrs. Billingsley

The Ultimate Red Leather Booth

We went to Billingsley's Restaurant the other night in honor of Barbara Billingsley who passed away last week at the age of 94 (Barbara, of Mrs. Cleaver fame). Her son, Glenn, Jr. runs this restaurant. You can read a past post about the cuisine here. We couldn't resist ordering our old favorites and toasting Mrs. Billingsley with a perfectly prepared martini.

Greeeeeeeen Goddess Salad Dressing

Prime Rib Dinner
Billingsley's Liver-Onions
Liver and Onions with Bacon!
Cheers to you, your long career and your memory, Mrs. Billingsley!

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Tiki Farm - 10th Anniversary

The Tiki Farm 10th Anniversary Show at La Luz de Jesus Gallery on Saturday night was spectacular! This was a show of all of the tiki items Tiki Farm has produced over the past 10 years. Wow! What an impressive collection. Founder of Tiki Farm, Holden Westland, was at the event, along with many of our friends from the L.A. Conservancy Modern Committee. Almost everyone was decked out in tiki attire, even though it was a cool, misty evening. There were free mai-tais, passed appetizers and the Dynatones played a set of bitchin' surf music.

Tiki Farm Founder, Holden Westland
NaomiCharles and Marsha
Rachel and Chris
Hipsters, Mark and Larry
Brit and Dan
Chris and Vince

The La Luz de Jesus Gallery is inside the Soap Plant - Wacko shop, so the eye-candy went beyond the tiki-rific. We had a grand time and plan to go back to La Luz when there are not so many people present so we can actually view the tiki mug collection!

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