Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Ackermans @ CAFAM

This past weekend I visited the Craft and Folk Art Museum (CAFAM) on Wilshire Boulevard's Miracle Mile. I was most interested in seeing the exhibition, "A Marriage of Craft and Design: The Work of Evelyn and Jerome Ackerman." I had seen this exhibit in it's expanded format at the Mingei in San Diego last year, but the draw of the Ackerman's wonderful work compelled me to visit again, in my own backyard!

Evelyn and Jerry Ackerman, 2011
"Young Warrior", Mosaic by Evelyn Ackerman, 1954
Campesena Series Tapestry by Evelyn Ackerman, 1971
Jenev Ceramic Vessels, 1954 (JA, EA)

The display at CAFAM is beautiful. The walls are painted in vibrant colors to accentuate the colors in Evelyn's mosaics and wall hangings. Jerry's sculpted ceramics and wooden pieces are also displayed pleasingly. The exhibit is small, but many of my favorite pieces are there.

"Rain", Mosaic 1955 (EA)
Synagogue Doors, Carved Wood (JA, EA)

The Museum was empty last Saturday. Only one other lady was upstairs viewing the work with me. She had on this most beautiful crocheted scarf. Naturally, I had to talk with her about it. Her name is Cecelia and we discovered that we were both on Ravelry. Cecelia's scarf consists of little crocheted stars, using two strands of sock yarn held together. After she crocheted all of the little stars, she arranged them and sewed them together. The crocheted border was added at the end. Cecelia, her husband and her little dog drove all the way up from Irvine to see the Ackerman exhibit.
Cecelia's "A la Sophie" Scarf

Her husband was outside with the dog while she was viewing the show. That's dedication to the art that I totally understand. Now, Cecelia and I are friends on Ravelry. I look forward to viewing her future projects.
The Ackerman exhibit runs through May 8, 2011 at CAFAM, giving you plenty of time to visit. I really recommend it, you never know who you'll meet!

Cecelia's Scarf. Image from Ravelry

Read more about the talented Ackermans here.

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At 3:01 PM PST, Anonymous Jo Anne said...

Looks like a beautiful exhibit and of course the only other person in the gallery was a crocheter and now you are friends. Something tells me there will be stars in your future....?

BTW, I walked over to the food trucks on Pennsylvania today but was not at all pleased with my choice.

At 9:22 PM PST, Blogger Carren said...

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At 9:22 PM PST, Blogger Carren said...

Lovely documentation! :) I love the photo of them holding hands and I think you and I might have been in the room at the same time as well. I wrote a quick post about the backgrounder of them holding hands here: :)

At 6:10 PM PST, Blogger Leah said...

I will definitely go over there. Isn't it wonderful how we keep on bumping into other knitters/crocheters!

At 2:43 PM PDT, Anonymous Judy B said...

Went to the exhibit on Saturday - loved it - thanks (judy from rpa)

At 9:58 AM PST, Anonymous Melissa said...

What a wonderful piece of art. Its great to like this site tackles the the true essence of art. I like the painting of a young warrior its unique craft.


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