Thursday, February 24, 2011

Brunch @ The Beach

View from Uncle Mort's Balcony

Last Sunday we zoomed over to my Uncle's house in Playa del Rey for brunch. Uncle Mort loves to cook and entertain. There was just a small group on this most beautiful clear day, overlooking the sparkling Pacific Ocean.


Mort prepared a beautiful brunch, including homemade jam, fresh fruit, fixin's for sandwiches, frittata, French toast and more. I always love hangin' with my cousins.

Cousin AmieUncle Mort
Yummy Brunch
Frittata and French Toast
Homemade Jam

My cousin, Andy whipped out his iPad to view some of his latest family photos. The older generation LOVED seeing the photos illuminated on the iPad.

Andy and Mort
Ellen, Roz, Jo
Cousins, Andy and Jo

There's nothing like having everyone in the room with a shared history. It's called family. Thanks for getting us together, Uncle Mort!

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At 1:03 PM PST, Blogger Beth said...

The iPad is a wonder. Lil Miss (now 4 years old!) loves playing with it. One of these days, my Mother-in-Law will get comfortable enough with it to try it out, too.

At 7:01 AM PST, Blogger Ayesha said...

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At 10:01 AM PST, Blogger gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

yay Uncle Mort, that seems like a perfect Sunday morning. Between the setting and that spread I doubt you could getme to leave till sundown. You're lucky to have so much family in one (big) city.

At 11:54 AM PST, Blogger mj said...

Will your family adopt me?


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